Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Double Macchiato, Ismael, Tunbridge Wells

Warning: not Ryan. I have spent the last week or so travelling to various tourist places. I started to think I was becoming allergic to coffee because I felt nauseous after nearly every "espresso" I had. But after going back to Ismael today it's become clear that it was the crapness of the coffee that made me nauseous, not coffee in general. If you happen to be in Hexham (which is near Hadrian's Wall), ...in the Chare does decent enough coffee for me to go there two days in a row. If you happen to be in Bakewell, in the Peak District, don't bother. Drink tea instead; at the "17th century tea-house" whose name I have forgotten, and who serve tea involving actual tea-leaves, a strainer, and an extra pot of hot water without asking for it. The "espresso" I drank in Bakewell yesterday was so long that if it had been in an espresso cup rather than an enormous take-away cup, it would have overflowed 3 or 4 times.

Anyway, back to Ismael, and the point of this post. After drinking my typically outstanding macchiato, I was talking to them about returning to Australia, when the manager pointed out how Australians are far more switched on about decent coffee than your average Brit. He even went so far as to ask if I knew anyone from Australia who would be likely to want barista work with them. So, if any Australian baristas are reading this, and wanting work near, but not in, London, I'd get in contact with them...

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