Sunday, June 21, 2009

Temptin' Ain't Easy: Espressi, home

Okay I'm back. In general, I drank much less coffee on that holiday than I expected. I think walking/hiking/hobbling all day means you're too busy to think about coffee. If I'm in the city and there's 20,000 places on every block to get coffee from, I'm more likely to realise it's time for a coffee. But with nothing but the sky and the trees and the occasional wombat, coffee doesn't spring to mind as often.
So let's get back to business. Blogging. First things first. Go and watch The Temptations sing My Girl.
In particular, the verse after the key change.
At about 1 minute 59 seconds, I'm pretty sure he sings, "I got all the bitches, baby."


  1. awww look at that weird lil living thing ... so cute!! (sometimes?) i guess that makes up for the fact that theres no squirrels in australia. i briefly read somewhere that most aussies have not ever seen such a thing in the wild you think thats statistically correct?

    (ya know what?! some people enjoy killing those poor squirrels over here just because they wanna feed themselves on the bird feeder. i wonder if they ever heard of engineering and karma ..... and racism!! O_O; ) eheh sorry that was random ><;

    I hope you enjoyed your (blog) vacation eheh

  2. some techno addict weirdo that happens to be on my facebook posted this ... i sorta want one