Monday, June 8, 2009

Macchiato, Maison M..., near Covent Garden, London

What is with London on a Sunday morning? This is what I miss about Melbourne. In any suburb, and any sub-area of the city, I can think of many, many places where you can get a decent breakfast on a Sunday morning. With a decent coffee. But not in London. You can walk for half an hour and only have seen stupid chains that don't really do breakfast, or crappy plastic-tablecloth-"Full English for £3.95"-with-watery-Americano-only "cafes".

I did eventually find Maison M...something - the rest of the name was overly-long and unrememberable. By this time it was after 11am, and I hadn't had any coffee or eaten anything. I figured there must be something decent in the vague area near Monmouth, even though Monmouth doesn't open on Sundays. The macchiato was pretty damn good, as were the potato pancakes.

But come on London, if Melbourne can be business as usual on a Sunday morning, why can't you?

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