Friday, June 12, 2009

Long Mac, Amsterdam St, Richmond

Studiocoffee. This music isn't the kind of thing that will sound better when played by jittery, over-caffeinated band members, so I had better wait a few hours until my third for the day.
My order was much less confusing than the one Luke told me he just had.
"Can I get an espresso?"
Order-taker: "A short black, sure."
Barista: "Was that an espresso?"
Order-taker: "No, a short black."
Barista: "Ah, a short black."


  1. New stuff. Really new stuff. So new that the band doesn't even have a Myspace yet.

  2. Oh god. I understand now... o_O...

    Are we ever going to see a Genie album? I wait (im)patiently :P.