Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let's Get Rocked: Latte, home

Def Leppard. Let's Get Rocked.
The animation looks kind of naff now, but back in the day it looked like The Future™. The song is still rad though. And I don't mind the dancing mic stands.

Wow, how many pedals are there on that drum kit?
The reason I'm posting this is I thought it was worth commemorating on the blog that on Saturday morning I bought two Def Leppard albums: Pyromania (1983) and Adrenalize (1992). While queuing up I realised that I was wearing my Hysteria (1987) t-shirt. Oh Jesus. It was a coincidence, but if I was working the counter at JB Hi-Fi that sort of customer experience would have made my day.

Don't call me gigolo, don't call me Casanova
Just call me on the phone and baby come on over.


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