Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Latte, Milktoast, St Kilda East

This place has been here for as long as I remember hip cafes arriving on Carlisle St, but for some reason I've never been in the door.

The coffee was nicely-poured but a little on the milky side. And it was a little too toasty too. Milktoasty, as the name implies. So I thought maybe I hadn't missed out on much by not coming here before. But that was before I noticed the avant-garde muffins on the counter.

If that's a chocolate muffin, then how does it have mint leaves sticking out? This requires further investigation. It's not often I feel like a muffin as big as my fist (sensibly-sized muffins seem to have become obsolete), but I'll have to check these out next time it happens.

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