Monday, June 22, 2009

Latte, home

Out of all the blog posts I've caught up on this morning, after not reading any blogs for nearly a week, the one that grabbed me the most was the post on Back of the Cereal Box about the origins of video game characters' names. E.g.

“The story most often circulated about Mario’s name is that it comes from Mario Segale (or Mario Segali, depending on your sources), who was the landlord for Nintendo of America’s office around the time Mario Bros. came out...

Furthermore, Luigi's name may have come from ruiji, Japanese for "similar".

Also, Cafe Grendel has a great video showing how a very cheap popcorn popper can be used to roast coffee beans. I've heard rumours about this before, and it's good to see somebody has finally demonstrated it on Youtube. Mind you, I never searched for it on Youtube before, so somebody else may have done it already. The machine used in the video is a Breville Crazy Popper, one of which, by coincidence, I actually have in the kitchen right now. I'm pretty sure, though, that once it has been used for coffee it can never return to popcorn duty. There's probably no health risks but it's just...weird. Unless caffeinated popcorn is worth a try.

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