Saturday, June 6, 2009

Got Latte? No. Bay Leaf, Byron Bay

When the eggs benedict came out before my coffee, I was surprised. I reminded two waiters (one of which asked if I wanted to order ANOTHER coffee) that I was still waiting. When I finished eating and was ready to leave and there was still no coffee, it was game over.

But you know what they say.
Don't get mad. Get blogging.


  1. G'day Ryan,

    Sorry to hear you missed out on your coffee, next time you're in the Bay pop in and I'll buy you a latte.

    Nico - Bayleaf Owner

  2. From a local's perspective :

    There are dozens of cafes to choose from in Byron Bay. So, if you don't receive consistently reasonable service, food and coffee over several visits, simply don't go back.

    We've found the coffee, levels of music and staff attitudes all pretty inconsistent at Bay Leaf - you can have a great time one day, and a miserable time the next. Sometimes the staff bring out your friend's coffee immediately and you still are waiting 20 minutes later for yours. And it's difficult to ask for it, as staff are few, occasionally arrogant and either rushing or doing absolutely nothing. It's a pity, as it used to be my partner's and my 'local'.

    A lot has to do with whether or not the owner is in at the time, who I must say is a decent, caring fellow that my partner and I have a lot of respect for. And the food is always pretty fabulous.