Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flat White, Tre Bicchieri, Carlton North

Bing is Microsoft's new search engine. As far as I know, it's named in honor of Ned from Groundhog Day:

(if you feel like you've seen other bloggers make that same connection, consider it a salute to the repetitive nature of the referenced material)

I have no plans at all to actually use Bing, but I thought it might be vaguely interesting to check how easy it is to find my blog via Bing.
It turns out it's pretty difficult. You need to search for "ryan on coffee" in quotes. Any less specific than that, and I'm not in the first page of results. But I did find something else fascinating. The guy who nabbed, it turns out, is named Ryan. Have a look at some of his updates:

About to go to band rehearsal. Ugh.

Coffee is bad for your teeth.

I'm pretty happy with my new haircut. I should twitter more.

Wow! Sounds like me, doesn't it? I'm still not convinced that isn't actually my alter-ego that only tweets while I'm asleep.

(n.b. according to Google Analytics, my search today it the first time anyone has used Bing to find my site. Furthermore, I'm not sure what sounds more perverse: "googling yourself" or "binging yourself". If you find that a little too highbrow, maybe you will take amusement from the fact that to access Analytics I just have to type "anal" into the address bar, and the rest of the address will be auto-completed.)

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