Sunday, June 7, 2009

Extra dollop, Flat white, home

Hang on, didn't it used to say "extra dollop of cream" on there somewhere? I guess these days people don't want extra dollops of anything that is bad for them, especially if it is written right there on the carton. It now says they have "more of the wholesome cream left in, just as nature intended," which somehow makes it sound healthier*. Clever people.
So has Farmhouse changed its recipe from extra dollop to leaving-it-in, or was that extra dollop business just an extra dollop of marketing bullshit from the 80s?
Those ads were great though. When I was a kid I thought the farmer really did walk all that way with a spoon of cream to dollop into each carton. But my uncle was a milkman so I should have known better.
The farmer drove a TRUCK with one hand, holding a spoon in the other. Yeah, that sounds more likely.

* 4.9% total fat, for the milk-stat-heads out there. 1 metric dollop = 9 grams. If you look into the origins of the name of the band 10CC you will find that one dollop is equal to something else too. Just try not to think about that next time you pour Farmhouse over your muesli...

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  1. "The farmer drove a TRUCK with one hand..."
    I immediately started impersonating a truck driver doing a sharp-left with only one hand on the steering wheel (hand flat, fingers spread, only the heel of the hand touching the wheel). Something that only truck drivers can do.