Saturday, June 6, 2009

Espresso, Toby's Estate, Brunswick

The new guy doesn't really know how to work the bag sealer.
But that's okay. I didn't mind that my 250g of Woolloomooloo Blend wasn't entirely sealed: there was no doubt that it was going straight into the grinder as soon as I got home.
A word on the Woolloomooloo blend: I think it's pretty brave trying to spruik, in Melbourne, something named after the Sydney-est of Sydney suburbs. I have to admit, the first time I saw the name on their menu I thought two things:
  1. "Ah, it's going to be fun spelling that on the blog!"
  2. "Eurgh. Sydney."
So with Toby's decision to open a branch in Melbourne, they brought a little bit of Sydney with them. And why not? That's what they're all about. Toby's started in Woolloomooloo, they named their prized blend accordingly, I really like Toby's's philosophy on coffee, and I'm assuming the blend named after the place they are from (a place they are so proud to be from that they name their blend after it) would be about as Toby's (and therefore as Woolloomooloo (and Sydney, by association)) as coffee can get.
With all that in mind, I bought some.
The espresso I had in the shop today, though,
Oh crap. I've said the word "Woolloomooloo" so much I can't remember the names of any countries.
It might have been Ethiopia.

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