Monday, June 1, 2009

Espresso, Serena Coffee, Brunswick

It was hard to find at first, but had been recommended highly. All I could remember was that it was just off Sydney Rd. On which street, I couldn't remember.
Anyway, thanks to mobile Facebook, I found out pretty quickly. And here it is. It turns out it is at 15 Hope St. Don't let the number 5 in the photo fool you: I think the 1 must have fallen off.
He had the roaster going in there, which drove my spidey-sense crazy as it was past one o'clock and I hadn't had any coffee yet. The prices of his beans made me wonder why they cost twice as much nearly everywhere else. A nicely-pulled shot too, if a bit out of focus:

Well worth searching out. If you're hungry while in the area, just aim for whichever bakery has the biggest Lebanon flag on the front window.

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