Monday, June 8, 2009

Espresso, Paul, near Covent Garden, London

Ah, Paul. I posted something about something else called Paul, on Regent Street, last year sometime. It seems these guys are a chain. If they are in fact a chain, they are easily the best one around. The Covent Garden cafe is huge. They have a sit-down area, and a whole other section for take-aways only. Very handy for buying coffee and a croissant, and doing a Breakfast At Tiffany's thing.

But the coffee. It was like in "The Soup Nazi" when Elaine tries the soup and says she's gotta sit down. There was something about the espresso that I can only describe as Kona-esque. Nutty and creamy in the best way possible. Let's hope it's always that good.

P.S. I just checked their website - to make sure it was 'Paul' as opposed to 'Paul's' or even 'Pauls'. They have a section called 'Find a Paul'!

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