Monday, June 8, 2009

Espresso, home

I'm pretty sure I just received my first spam phone call.
She opened with, "Hi Ryan," and said something about how I had called them earlier, and she had some information about trading, or an investment, or something.
It was ringing absolutely no bells.
I said it must have been a wrong number, and she said, "But I am speaking to Ryan, aren't I?"
I didn't know how to tactfully say, "Yes, but you're wrong, I didn't speak to you earlier, you made that bit up," so it was difficult to get off the phone.
But when I did, I did what I usually do after a weird phone conversation. I googled the number.
Sadly, 0756677156, 07-5667-7156, and +61756677156 yielded no results.
But if this is happening to anyone else, I'm sure they will start googling the number.
If that is your circumstances, welcome! Feel free to have a look around at the rest of my blog. It's about coffee, and things that happen to me before, during, and after coffee.
But sorry, I have no information about who just called you. Just be reassured that it happened to me too.


  1. Should call it back and say "Hi Julie! I called earlier..."

  2. I just got the same call...I am wondering where they go my mobile number. I have started a thread on whirlpool to see if i can get any info

  3. Thanks Anonymous, that's awesome. I'm glad it's not just me. I was starting to think, "Wow, maybe they had called me before.."
    The forum on Whirlpool is here in case anyone else is interested.