Sunday, June 14, 2009

Espresso, home

I've been working on my cringe technique for Curb Your Enthusiasm season six.
There's some particularly cringey moments in the first few episodes (and indeed the rest of the episodes, I would venture to guess) and I feel a lot better if, when I know something awkward is coming up (say, when Jeff walks into the Blacks' welcoming party with the cake box containing the penis-shaped cake and you know he's about to open it but he hasn't yet seen what's in there), there is something convenient to cringe behind.
So my technique involves slouching down far enough that raising one knee will block the TV screen entirely. If you hold your knee up at half-mast (if indeed one's knee can have a mast and be halfway up it) as the cringe approaches, you will be ready to duck your head a little further just in time.
This technique can also come in handy when watching (and even re- or re-re-watching) The Office.

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