Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dripulator, Bette and Bill's house

I've finally discovered the secret of why my grandparents' coffee is always so satisfying. Actually, there are a number of secrets that all work together:
  • they grind beans, and don't let them sit around for too long
  • they use a grinder that's been around longer than me
  • they use a LOT of grounds per person
You can't really go wrong with freshly-ground beans, and lots of it. The dosage happens to be one soup spoon per cup of water in the machine, plus one "for the pot". They used to use a dessert spoon, but recently switched to slightly rounder, slightly more capacious, slightly more bodacious soup spoon. So for the three of us today the machine was filled to the 8 cup line, with NINE soup spoons of ground coffee in the filter. There is also some sort of Strength knob on the machine, which was dialed to its strongest setting. Woooo! Driptastic.
“That isn't too strong is it?”
I wanted to say “hellllll no!” but then remembered where I was.
I'm pretty sure my hand will be going up for coffee from now on, rather than tea.

(not that there's anything at all wrong with their tea technique - I'm still thankful they taught me early on the importance of heating up the cups)


  1. You've always been a bit of a fence-sitter when it comes to the putting your hand up for tea or coffee thing. Unlike everyone else, who are entirely predictable at all times.