Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Colour Scheming: Latte, home

Do you like the new colour scheme around here? I've noticed that the most readable blogs seem to be black-on-white, with little else going on. Not long after I noticed this, I visited my own blog and recoiled in horror at how much of a shitfight it looked. After some substantial CSS fiddling, I arrived at what you see right now. That coffee photo up the top might have to go soon, it's starting to make me think I might actually have a colour monitor in front of me. I made the post titles 33% larger too, which I'm a big fan of too, but I probably won't push the font size envelope as far as this guy.
Anyway, I'll probably keep tweaking this until I'm happy*, but one day I'll muster up the courage required to make the whole blog look like the Hot Dog Stand color (sic) scheme from Windows 3.1.

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