Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Macchiato, Lombard's, Petworth, England

The tour of places-in-small-villages-that-list-macchiato-on-their-menu continues. I drove through Petworth on the way to Winchester last year, and thought it looked like it should house some decent coffee, but there was no parking to be had, or I didn't look hard enough. So today, on the way to Portsmouth for the ferry to the Isle of Wight, I stopped. There were two cafes to choose from, but the other one listed chocolate before any coffee, so I went to Lombard's.

The cup was enormous, there was shloads of froth, and there was a lingering after taste, but in a bad way. On the plus side, the toasted tea-cake (which in England isn't like what your mum or your gran makes, it's more like raisin toast) was excellent.

It's clear that just because a cafe lists macchiato on the menu doesn't mean they make it the way I like it.

I'm worried about what the coffee will be like here on the Isle of Wight, based solely on the cup of tea I had earlier. I know this comment is better suited to looseleaflea's blog, but what the hell. I ordered an earl grey tea and was given a cup and saucer with a stringless teabag chucked in it. Hmmm. What's the equivalent to that in the coffee world?


  1. That's definitely the first use of the word "shloads" on the blog!
    The stringless teabag: was it a round one, a tea bag-shaped one, or one of those pyramidular ones?

  2. A square one. I'm so sick of these stringless teabags! This morning, with my breakfast at this b&b, I was given a pot of tea for one with TWO stringless teabags (round ones). These English people think they know about tea. Buy some tea leaves!

  3. I know, didn't they totally take over the world for tea? What's with the bags?
    I hear they used to be hand-sewed though, back in the good ol' non-industrialized days.