Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Macchiato, Pushka, City

I usually expect a long macchiato to be a long drink. A double shot, with some more hot water, and some - if not very little - milk foam. What we have here in front of us today is more like an espresso hibernating under two tons of snow. It's more of an espresso-preservation device; the dense blanket of foam insulates the espresso shot from the cruel world outside until you're ready to drink.
The trade-off is that it gets a little diluted by the milk in the process.
But what the hell. That shot was still killer.
And I've got a loyalty card here now. After ten, you get one for free. After a further ten, you get another one and a tart (or two coffees if you prefer). So that’s twenty-three coffees for the price of twenty: a 13% discount. That brings Pushka’s already-very-reasonable $2.70 down to an almost turn-of-the-century-spec $2.35.
Loyalty cards. I love ’em.

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