Monday, May 11, 2009

Latte, home

Search Term(s) of the Day:
1. pickle barrel williamstown
2. 15 squares st kilda

It makes sense if somebody find this blog by googling a cafe I've mentioned. My cousin was trying to find Bay Leaf in Byron Bay last week, googled it, and found me instead. But it's really weird when, as in example 1, someone googles a place I've never been to and still finds my blog. Maybe I will go there in the future, and Google know about it already.
As for example two, they were looking for 19 Squares. They still found my blog. It's nice to know I can correct people I've never even met, without lifting a finger, mid-google.

If nothing else, I am passionate about Google being capitalised when it's a proper noun (ie. when we're talking about Google the company) and not being capitalised when it's a verb (ie. "Stop googling yourself - you'll go blind!")

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