Saturday, May 16, 2009

Head: Latte, home

Waaaaay too much head on this one.
If I'd ordered this out somewhere, I'd probably say, “There's a bit much head, isn’t there?"
But at home, I'd already tipped out a shot that didn't work and cleaned up the machine, so I didn't really have the patience to make another one.
It still tastes pretty flippin' good though. Forza blend. Word.
Anyway, on to the poll results.
For the “What do you do when you are served an undrinkable coffee?” question, we had equal first place between drinking it, leaving it, and SMSing/Facebooking/tweeting about it. Only four of you were game to actually take it back. That makes me feel a lot better. Taking it back scares the hell out of me.
Not surprisingly, there was only one person who selected “Start a blog”, and even less surprisingly, it was me.

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