Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Espresso, Tennyson's, Rye, England

Warning: this is not Ryan. Last time I wrote some posts apparently people were bewildered by the idea that Ryan could be drinking coffee in Italy within hours of drinking coffee in Melbourne. I have hired a car for a week, so may report on various coffees in various villages.

On Saturday I went to Rye, on the south coast in Sussex. It is much like Rye on the Mornington Peninsula. Beaches, tourists, wierd shops full of what can only be described as knick-knacks. I didn't see a very narrow strip of camping ground next to the beach though. I was desperate for coffee by the time I got there and Tennyson's was the first place I saw that looked like it had an espresso machine. It also had an enormous sign saying "New! Skinny Latte". They're clearly after the "city folk", so I thought it was a good bet, and there was nothing to complain about with the espresso. But then, further down the road, I came across The Runcible Spoon. I wished I'd gone there, not because it looked like it had better coffee, but because it would've been a much funnier title for this post.

I had to look up 'runcible spoon'. Dictionary.com says "a forklike utensil with two broad prongs and one sharp, curved prong, as used for serving hors d'oeuvres". Is that not a splade?


  1. Hi, Not-Ryan. I thought that 'runcible spoon' was just a nonsense word from the nursery rhyme The Owl and the Pussycat (eg 'They dined on mince and slices of quince, which they ate with a runcible spoon'). Didn't realise it was an actual kind of spoon!

  2. If you are not Ryan, then who are you?

  3. All the photos I found via Google looked like splades, that's for sure. Or is it spelled 'Splayd™'?
    Yes, it appears it is. From the words "spoon" and "blade". But that doesn't explain why it isn't 'splade'.
    There was a bit in the Good Weekend (the guy whose column is above the Samurai Sudoku) about the 'moustache cup'. It's mentioned in Ulysses, allegedly, and is a cup with a spout at the end so dudes with serious moustaches don't get it wet when they drink.
    If I ever need one, I'll probably know it's time to have a trim instead.

  4. Deviant: that's Dr J.Mo, our eyes on the ground in the UK. Or "foreign caffespondent" if you prefer. Also Ryan's sister.

  5. ooooh yea, of course, Dr J.Mo!
    ...your sister ...
    i should have guessed! ^^;

    *starts looking up urban dictionary for "sister" and ends up even more confused... and slightly disturbed*