Monday, May 18, 2009

Espresso, Quists, City

Right there. On the corner. That lane is named the same as the hotel it is next to. That should narrow it down for you.Not many coffee places have been around for this long in Melbourne. They were our first roaster, established in 1938. There's only standing room in there, and walking by you might assume that they don't actually sell coffee in ready-to-drink-right-now format.
But for the recession-bustingly low price of $2.00 they will make you an espresso from their gorgeous Victoria Arduino Venus machine. Take-away only, but that's understandable considering they have no chairs. It was a bit longer than, and tasted absolutely nothing like, what I just had from Keffa Han. But they were both excellent.
That's all I really have to go with here.
Damn. I wish I had more coffee adjectives...

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