Sunday, May 17, 2009

Espresso, home

Mad Men. Season One. Episode 13. Spoiler coming up:

Is it at all common, or even feasible, that someone would not know they are pregnant until they are in labour?
This episode has, for me, ejected Mad Men well past the plausible-o-sphere.
Peggy goes to the hospital.
Doctor says she's expecting.
I say a silent prayer, “Please, whoever’s writing this: do not make her go into labour at the end of this scene. I won’t be able to take you seriously.”
And before you know it:
“UUNNNNGGGGH!" yells Peggy as she collapses to the ground.
“Get her up to maternity!”
Houston, we have a problem.

And I'm still paranoid about the product placement. From episode one of season two:
“People under 25 don't drink coffee, they all drink Pepsi.”
Why Pepsi? I know that the era in which the show is set was at the other end of the cola wars, but they had to pick one didn't they?
And I know that packet of Lucky Strike in Donald Draper's shirt pocket was put there, logo facing out, on purpose.
I'm outta here. To get some Clearasil and a six-pack of Heineken.

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