Tuesday, May 12, 2009

#deathtosunrise: Flat White, home

In the news today, a dude gets on Facebook at 5.30am and announces, via a status update, that he finds Facebook impersonal, that he will be ignoring all such correspondence from now on, and that if anybody really wants to talk to him they should do so in real life.
Within minutes, many of his friends agreed via Facebook that Facebook is a terrible way to keep in touch. That's right. None of them even called or dropped by to say so.

Also in the news: just when I thought I couldn't get any more pissed off about keffiyeh becoming a Roger David-level fashion item, Sunrise prove me wrong. Mel and Kochie have gone too far this time. Reject the Recession? Jesus Christ. The recession isn't something that will just go away if you click your heels together enough.
"Hi, I received a letter saying that due to the currect financial climate you will now be charging more for ATM transactions. Well you know what? I reject your recession!"
That's not gonna fly.
Twitter users are tagging links to that video with #deathtosunrise in protest.

As for my Richmond espresso mission that started yesterday, well, that might be where it ends. We were too efficient with our studio time and now I don't need to go back in today. Unless I can find another excuse to go to Richmond today...


  1. lol "reject the recession (dance!!)"

    could tv please get any realer than this?

  2. I felt embarrassed watching that shit. Lucky it was one of those days in which I didn't watch Sunrise in the morning :P.

  3. Holy fuck. Are you serious? I'm so shocked as to what I just saw, that I can't think of anything else to say.