Friday, April 10, 2009

Soy Latte, home

This is the first time I've tried to stretch soy milk into a latte in, er, about five years. I'm using Bonsoy; as far as I can tell it tastes a lot better in coffee than other brands. This comes at a price though: $3.99 per litre at Safeway. Yikes. No wonder most cafes pass this on in the form of a soy tax. At Kent St the other day my soy latte was $3.50 and Yuri's cow latte was $3.00. I have no problem with this. Bonsoy is pricey, and soy drinkers are weirdos: they should be charged accordingly to how overpriced the ingredients they require are. Tre Bicchieri were out of Bonsoy when I went in a few days ago, and were using (much cheaper, much not-nicer) Soylife. I wasn't really paying attention, so I'm not sure if there was a soy tax rebate involved. I sure hope there was.
Anyhow, it turned out pretty good. The Bonsoy was straight out of the cupboard (that's what really freaks me out about soy: it's not refrigerated at the supermarket!) which is not ideal. If it was colder, I'd have more time to stretch it before it heated up too much. But it was still pretty good.

We saw Daniel Kitson's work-in-progress show last night. It was like one of his completed shows, but he occasionally got out his notebook to either check where he should be up to, or write down something funny he just thought of, ie. him being by far not the only one in the room who almost dry retches when he sees a teenage boy with a wispy moustache. He also covered a lot of coffee-related material, quite a bloody lot of coffee-related material actually for someone who only just started drinking coffee recently and used to automatically think "fuck off!" whenever he heard somebody say "latte".

Now, let's move on to Search Term (That Found My Site) of the Day. I hastily decided that this would be a daily event, but then realised the next day that not as many people were discovering the blog via search as I thought. I was about to tell you, "Let's make this a weekly thing," but then I had a look at yesterday's results, which yielded this:
lick steve martin unzipping

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  1. And we happily buy Bonsoy at 'Monties on Scotchmer Street for well over $4.00 just so we don't have to walk down Lygon to Safeway. Yes, WE are weirdos...