Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ristretto, Atomica, Fitzroy

In case you're getting confused, I didn't just fly to Venice on Thursday night to have three coffees and then fly straight back to Sydney in time for my flight to Melbourne. With the distances involved, that would just be impossible. What's really going on is that Dr J.Mo, our foreign correspondent on the ground in the UK, has been to Italy and France over the last two weeks. Have a read. Ordering coffee might be confusing here in Australia, but at least we don't get charged more if we want to sit down. I've had a standing-up espresso at Brunetti a few times, but instead of a discount all I got was weird looks because nobody could imagine being so busy that they couldn't even sit down to drink 30ml of coffee. But hey, I was on the way to the movies.

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