Friday, April 17, 2009

QANTAS, Sydney to Melbourne

I got to sleep at about 1.00am and got up at 4.00am to leave at 4.30am to get to the airport at 5.00am to check in for a 6.00am flight that arrives in Melbourne at 7.30am which means I should be home at about 9.00am. Clearly, I really want to get some more sleep when I get home. But one cup of QANTAS should at least keep me awake until I get home.
This is how out of it I was: I didn't even listen when they came around with the beverages. I just wanted coffee, so I held out my cup. I watched in horror as tea was poured into my cup.
"Oh, sorry. I wasn't listening, I thought it would be coffee."
They still got me another cup though.
A word of advice: if you're on one of these flights early enough to include breakfast, save some of the milk they give you with the cereal: it's a lot more fun that those little UHT packages.
I know a guy who didn't know UHT was an acronym for Ultra Heat Treatment, and used to think a uht was a kind of goat or something, and that they served uht milk on planes instead of cow milk. Or maybe he was just having me on.

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