Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long Black, home

That worked much better. Pulled the hot water first. Then let the machine cool down, and heat up, and cool down for two minutes. That two minutes also let the water in the cup cool down a bit. Rad. Much more crema love.

I'm still persevering with reading issue number one of Beanscene in small bites: as long as I can read in one "sitting" at the toilet. Unfortunately, this means that if I flip open to an interesting advertisement, I'll probably read that and nothing else. Today it was the Bare Beans ad. They sell Monkey Parchment coffee. It is picked by rhesus monkeys (free range of course), chewed and spat out by them, then collected and washed and roasted. Yeah, really. Check your calendar: it ain't April Fools Day. Monkey-selected, monkey-picked, monkey-chewed coffee! What an age we live in. Allegedly the enzymes in their saliva break down something in the coffee beans, in a good way. The beans are collected by humans, and they're hard to find. That explains the limited supply, and high price. Has anyone out there tried it?

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