Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long Black, home

Search Term (That Found My Site) of the Day:
wolfenstein iphone last level secret gold key
Yeah, I know what that's about. I haven't played the last level yet (though episode 6 level 8 may prove a more fruitful search term than "last level") but I'm assuming it's like the other levels: the map shows where you've been. If you haven't been somewhere, that's probably where the key is. If you've been everywhere, start trying to find secret passages. So it's a strange thing to Google, unless there's something really tricky about that level that I don't know about.
It just struck me that discussing these non sequitur search terms in great detail only increases the amount of irrelevant-to-coffee writing on this blog, which will lead more Wolfenstein players here. It should ensure that the Search Term of the Day section stays either interesting, or repetitive.
I'm off to Sydney tonight. Hopefully that means I'll get to go to Campos or Single Origin. But failing that, does anyone have any coffee tips for Glebe?

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