Thursday, April 2, 2009

Long Black, home

Oh no.
I just realised that I am NEVER going to read that inaugural issue of BeanScene.
It's a shame. It has at least five things in it that I really want to read.
But unfortunately, it went straight to the toilet magazine pile.
And you know what that means.
It STAYS in the toilet magazine pile. It's contaminated.
The articles are far too long for a toilet magazine. I don't want to sit in there any longer than I have to, and it's unlikely that I'll remember where I was up to last time I read it. So if there's a hope it's going to get read, it has to be somewhere else.
But the toilet pile is the end of the magazine life cycle; from there it has nowhere else to go but the recycling.
Unless, of course, I can convince myself that a magazine from ANY pile can be read outdoors. As long as I wash my hands afterwards.

P.S. I should have a coveredmuchbetteroncurbyourenthusiasm tag for posts like this.

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