Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Long Black, home

I often start writing an entry for this blog, but reach a roadblock along the way and never finish it. I end up replacing them with something much shorter, just so that coffee can be accounted for and I can move on to the next one, but the unfinished posts stay there saved as a draft. I thought I was very close to coffee number 1000, until I realised that number includes all the drafts I never finished too. I went through them yesterday. Here's some of my favourites:
  • A lengthy "where are they now?" piece on the cast of Beverly Hills 90210, which I began writing around the time of the premiere of the new series 90210. I abandoned it due to lack of interest.
  • A list of unconvincing gadgets in Underbelly season one, which I started writing when Carl's van got bugged by the police. A white disc with two wires hanging out, I recognised it as a piezo buzzer ($1.35 a piece at Dick Smith, or $1.30 if you buy more than 10) and wondered why somebody had tried to install a very quiet doorbell in the car. The bottle top off a West Coast Cooler stubbie would make a more convincing-looking surveillance device.
Anyway, you get the idea. If I set myself a task where the amount of research required is disproportionate to how interesting the finished post will be, I never finish it. So we're still not at 1000 yet. But, just in time for the impending caffemillenium, I signed up for Google Analytics. This means I'll actually know how many people are reading, where they're from, how they found the site, etc. It's far more comprehensive than the Adsense statistics: "0 people clicked on your ads, you earn 0 cents". I'll be able to waste all sorts of time with the new data, but it will actually be useful too. It's inspired a new daily segment on the blog: Search Term of the Day.
Adsense now tells me what people have Googled to find my site. The only thing more surprising than the broad range of searches that this blog shows up in, is that people still click on the "Ryan Blogs Coffee" when that is clearly what they are searching for. I'll post up the most confusing ones here. Today's term:
iva davies p2p
In case you're wondering, I've mentioned Iva Davies once, two months ago when I was talking about singers who mispronounce words so they will rhyme with something they shouldn't. What's more surprising is the p2p bit: someone wants to find a torrent for not just Icehouse, but Iva Davies solo material? Yeah, the crisis is affecting everyone...

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