Friday, April 3, 2009

Long Black, home

  • play Zelda on Wii
  • transcribe level eight from Skyroads
  • tax return (yes, 07/08 - I should have done that last year)
  • listen to Bad Brains and play air guitar
  • watch some more of Arrested Development season two
Yep, that sounds good. I could dedicate a whole day to either one of those, but I'm sure I can fit them all in. Except maybe the tax return...what's the point? Even if I finish it today and mail it, it's Friday: nothing will happen to it for the whole weekend. Should I hold off until Monday? Then they'll get it on Tuesday. I save three days but it only costs me one day. No that's probably not a good idea. I'm flying back from Perth on Monday and sure as hell won't want to start taxing when I get home.
Ah, that's a good point: flying from Perth to Melbourne on Monday is probably going to be confusing. I'll fly over there on Sunday, lose two hours, then when I come back gain two hours but it won't be daylight saving anymore. So that means Lose? One/two/three/four hours? Do they have daylight saving over there? It's times like this I'm glad my phone figures out what time it is every time I switch it out of flight mode.
In other news, rain can quite easily go straight through a fly screen. Shut your doors today, people.

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