Monday, April 6, 2009

Latte, Cafe 54, Perth

They have a Synesso AND an LM.
They have a blog ( - not updated since last year, but still good to see).
They have a phone number for SMS ordering - I'm still yet to see a cafe that takes orders via Twitter direct messages, but SMS is still impressive.
The milk they use comes in squishy foil bags, not unlike the Ribena containers that Cheeks taped to his ankles yesterday to smuggle vodka into V Festival.
They sell Voss: easily the most bourgeois bourgeois bottled water.
So, yes, they tick the boxes of most of the things I look for in a cafe. I'm glad I finally caught them during open hours. The milk seemed a little hot: not scaldingly, but more eye-wateringly. According to Loz (who just got a job as a barista around the corner) there is a tendency to get milk up to 70 degrees around here. But that's not TOO hot at least.
I also heard somebody order a topped-up long mac. The plot thickens. See my last round of Perth posts for the story on that.

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  1. I would suggest going a number up and trying Cafe 55 in Fremantle. The ladies are friendly and the coffee awesome. And if you turn up three times or more they'll have your name memorized.