Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Espresso, Las Chicas, St Kilda East

In the news: LA-based reggae artist Mishka not only has the exotic backstory of growing up on a 40-foot yacht while sailing around the Caribbean (this could herald the beginning of the yacht rock revival), but he can now also say that actor and serial trashbag Matthew McConaughey was such a huge fan that he started a record label.

"Actor Matthew McConaughey became familiar with Mishka on New Years Eve of 2000 after he had been up for three straight days and was still unable to sleep. When Mishka's music came on downstairs that night, McConaughey admits he "slept like a baby for 5 straight hours" and was immediately hooked." (

Yeah, you couldn't make that up, could you? If I'd been up for three days I'd probably want a bit more than five hours. Also, is "it was so good that I fell asleep" a good endorsement? It could hold up the A&R process somewhat.

"Hey Matt, it's Mishka."
(clatter of bongo drums falling over) "Dude! What up, bra?"
"I and I Jah Rastafari big up selectaaaah."
"Yeah, sure, me too."
"Did you get the CD I sent you? Of the rough mixes?"
"Oh hell yeah bra!"
"What did you think? We did some more guitar overdubs on track two, what did you think?"
"Sorry man, I've got no idea. I fell asleep again."

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