Saturday, April 11, 2009

Espresso, home

The dishwasher has dishwashed the measurements off the side of that nifty 30ml/60ml glass I got free with my coffee machine. Now I don't know where I stand. I think it's somewhere between 30 and 60, in about 30 seconds. Yeah, a bit slow. I'm kind of aiming for 60 in 30 at the moment.

I can't decide whether to see Easy Star All-Stars at the Corner tonight. On one hand, I'd love to hear them play Dub Side of the Moon in its in entirety. On the other hand,
  • The vocals annoyed me on that album, and they'll probably have people singing them at the gig.
  • Radiodread was shite. Dub Side sounded authentically dub: like Lee Perry had just blown ganga smoke in your face. That feeling was totally missing on Radiodread.
  • From what I've heard of the 30 second previews of Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band on iTunes, I'm not into it. I'd rather listen to the Beatles.
There are some pretty serious guests on the new album (Michael Rose! Woah!) but generally it sounds like they haven't quite figured out how to get heavy dub and the often intentionally twee harmony of songs like When I'm 64 (come on, that's a daggy song: as daggy as Paul McCartney when he actually was 64!) to breed in captivity.

OMG. That's a great name for a chiptune Beatles cover: When I'm Commodore 64.

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