Friday, April 10, 2009

Espresso, home

Last week the Ten network launched its new One HD channel, to slightly overzealous fanfare. It even had a countdown on the screen leading up to the launch, with occasional interruptions from Sandra Sully talking about how it was a new age, and groundbreaking, and all that bullshit. I must admit, my first thought was this:
"Ugh, I never noticed Sandra Sully's crow's feet before, but now here they are in glorious high definition! Stop doing so many close-ups!"
My second thought was, "Hang on, it's just sport? Who gives a shit?"
Not me. It may be another HD channel of content that is not getting played on channel Ten, but it's all sport. And crow's feet.
Even more alarmingly, it has replaced Ten HD (here is a story from last year about it). The only thing Ten is broadcasting in HD now is sport. This seems pretty arse-backward to me. And not just because I never watch sport (ever). And not just because I'm a fan of House, Smallville, NCIS, Monk or One Tree Hill (I've never watched a whole episode of any of them) which all used to be broadcast in HD on Ten HD. I'm more worried about local content, and the sense of pride it gave me that we weren't years behind the rest of the world in just one technological area.

Locally-produced content for channel Ten. I'm talking about Rove. I'm talking about Neighbours. I'm talking about Australian Idol. I'm talking about 9am with David and Kim (yeah, I'm clutching at straws now). Again, I don't watch any of them very often. But when I do (or when I did before the introduction of ONE HD) I thought to myself, "Bloody hell that looks good, I'm so impressed that Ten has the facilities to make local content of that (technical) calibre. Well done Ten, and well done Australia."
When whoever decides these things at Ten decided - on the toilet while reading a motor-racing magazine - that we need more 24-hour motor racing and to hell with the rest of Ten's HD non-sport content, he was flushing what was left of my tech-patriotic-pride too.
Thumbs down, Ten.


  1. I'm sure ONE HD has been around for longer than the past week. Cos whenever I was channel surfing I skipped it cos it's just sport.

  2. Ah, maybe it's been two weeks. Start of April, maybe? April Fool's Day is a terrible time to be launching a new channel.
    "ONE HD is only playing sport? Hahah, yeah right that's a good one..."

    It was funny this morning though: the girl interviewing Larry Bird was so short she could barely reach his head with the microphone.