Friday, April 3, 2009

Espresso, Gertrude St Enoteca, Fitzroy

The latest version of the much-derided (mostly by me) BlogWriter app for iPhone contains a useful new feature, that users of Tweetie will be used to by now: you can add a photo you've already taken, OR take one right now. In reality, this means you can start writing the new blog entry, then take a photo, then write a bit more, etc. So I sat down at the bar at Enoteca, ordered my espresso, started typing, and then when it came out I took the photo.
And then my phone crashed.
I sure won't try that again.

Kudos to Enoteca for keeping the coffee machine going this late.


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  2. remember when i said you had to hold the menu and the sleep buton when an app crashes on your iphone?

    actully thats to reset your iphone i think

    my pal said that when an app crash its the menu button you gotta hold to close the app.

    you prolly knew this already ^^;;

    (sorry for the randomness, bad grammar and lack of punctuation)