Friday, April 17, 2009

Espresso, Caffe del Doge, San Polo region, Venice

Best ever. Thick as crude oil, crema perfect, and spot-on temperature. It's on a little sidestreet off R. Ravano. It's one of those excellent cafes with separate pricing for standing and sitting. Standing, this espresso was 90 eurocents. 90 eurocents! And far, far superior to the one I paid €2.80 for this morning.


  1. That sitting down tax is weird. Even weirder that it was applied differently within the same chain.
    You've inspired me to post something I wrote on Facebook ages ago, on this very subject:
    Uh oh. I've now set a precedent for blogging about memorable coffees I had MONTHS before I started this blog. This could be dangerous.

  2. I got charged €4.80 to sit down in the main piazza in venice, and the coffee was a further €2.40 on that. but they played live jazz right next to me and it was totally worth it