Friday, April 17, 2009

Espressi, Various, Avignon and Paris

OK, I know it's lazy to join a whole bunch of coffees together, but this is better done thematically.

1. How come crossing the border from Italy to France instantly makes your espresso watery? OK, maybe it was because my first coffee in France was at a train station, but so many more of them have that same watery taste. After the solidity of the coffee in Italy, it was a shock.

2. What is this cafe called anyway? Part of the reason it was easier to join all these coffees together, was that I have no idea what a number of the cafes were called. There's so many words plastered all over the outside of them, and most of them appear to be names of food or drink products. Or perhaps a whole pile of cafes are in fact called 'Cafe Glace Salon de The Petit Dejeuner Cafe'.

3. Do tourists really drink cafe? Yes, more on that theme, which I started in Italy. It seems that if you order cafe somewhere that's really touristy, they don't believe you, and check that you do really want cafe: outside the Pope's Palace in Avignon, at Gare du Nord in Paris, to name just a few. However, if you're somewhere a little less touristy they just go with it, possibly secretly and mischievously hoping that you don't actually want an espresso type drink. It was the same deal in Italy. The place outside the Pope's Palace in Avignon was a classic case of trying to rip off a tourist. When I ordered they confirmed that I did really want a little, black coffee. They then brought over a large cup of something, and I thought 'Damn it, they've given me Americano!' But it wasn't watery enough for that. When I got the bill they'd charged me for a double espresso. Nice work guys, twice as much money out of me!

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  1. 1. I KNOW! What's the deal? The general vibe for me was that espressi were too long in France. "Mountains" was a good excuse for cultural ideas not getting passed around hundreds of years ago, but Ryanair can fly you to Milan for less than the cost of a croissant now!
    2. Hence people come to Melbourne and think all the cafes are called "Cash Only" or "No Hawkers".
    3. I think it's more of a crime that a double espresso costs twice that of a single. How was Avignon on Easter Sunday? I bet some crazy Christian stuff went down. Actually, you probably told mum, I'll ask her tonight. I just realised I don't think I had any coffee in Avignon. That doesn't sound right.. was only there for two hours though.