Monday, March 30, 2009

Strong Latte, Velluto, Coolangatta Airport

And she wrote "Brian".
The menu includes prices for an espresso in both the small and large columns. Long black is not listed as a separate item. A small espresso with an extra shot is the same price as a large espresso, but does the latter only have one shot? Or is it the same thing with more water?

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  1. Y'know what? You need to start spelling your name.

    "...and what was your name?"
    "Brendan B R E N D A N"

    Automatic response because everyone thinks I'm a Brandon or something.

    The best bit is when you start putting different emPHAsis on the letters:

    "tee HAITCH oh em PEE ess oh en".

    I rarely get Tomson, but often Tompson or Thomson...

    If there were two of me, I could wear a bowler hat and trip over things and be a detective.