Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Strong Latte, North, Carlton North

Brilliant, again. Nice work North.
On the other side of the street, and the other end of the scale, is the Calabrian. I thought maybe I should keep it anonymous and refer to them instead as "a cafe I often walk past", but I liked the double-edged street metaphor so much I'm just gonna use their name. And it goes in line with my name-and-shame policy on the blog.
Every single time I walk past the Calabrian, I can clearly see through the window how much old, rancid, burnt milk is stuck to the steaming wand on the coffee machine. If they're not cleaning the bit that sticks out, who knows what else they're not cleaning? Avoid, avoid, avoid coffee at this place unless you are in the mood for a strong e.col-latte. The true test will be looking in the window after hours and seeing if they leave it that way all night. If so, who knows, maybe they haven't given it a wipe in five, or maybe ten, years. I shudder. If I see any change, I'll let you know. I'll call it Project Wandwatch. It will get tedious if I write about what it looks like every time I walk past. Unless, of course, I dedicate an entire blog to it. Hmm.

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