Monday, March 2, 2009

Strong Latte, Hudsons, Canberra Airport

A word of advice: eat before you go through the metal detector. The only thing more irritating than queueing for the metal detector is knowing you'll have to do it again after you go back out for a coffee.
The Hudsons cup announced that they have stores in six states. I'm in ACT: it is a territory, not a state. What's going on, did I just go to a Hudsons or was it just some guy who hijacked a truck full of their cups?


  1. YES!! I was at canberra airport recently and i noticed this very thing, no food or drink after the metal detector?? Weird!! SOOOOO annoying!!

    Just stumbled upon your blog but I like it. And now I need to go and get a coffee...mmm...

  2. It's nice to know people still stumble upon things, as opposed to things.

    There is food past the metal detector, up the escalators, but it's the same as the one outside the metal detector, only with less food to choose from. If you want a Four-n-Twenty pie for breakfast, head upstairs. All the sandwiches are in those plastic sandwich-shaped boxes. It's a bit friendlier downstairs.