Friday, March 13, 2009

Strong Latte, Cafe Dockside, Brisbane

"I had a plan but that was where it ended."
I did some research on Google Maps yesterday and realised that it is only a 4km walk to the West End, and therefore the Gunshop Cafe, purveyors of breakfast and coffee much radder than anything near the hotel. So that was the plan: get up, walk 4km, then reward myself with pancakes. Easy. I got my wallet and my phone and my headphones (I got the iGrado - a little silly-looking but people will know you're only wearing them because they sound amazing) and walked outside.
And a guy spraying high-pressure water at the driveway.  IN the rain.  But more on that later.
I thought, "It'll slow down.  I'll start walking."
I started walking down the hill.  The rain kept pouring.  I decided catching a ferry down the river to the West End might be a better move.
I walked toward the river.  The rain got heavier.  I could hear the distinct sound of rain-on-soaked-tshirt on my shoulder.  The front of my shorts were as wet as they could get.
Seeking refuge in the ferry shelter (like a bus shelter, for people catching a ferry) I saw there was only a 15 minute wait for the next ferry going in the right direction.  I waited.
Some time in the next seven minutes I realised I was standing there in wet clothes which would remain wet for the rest of the day, and I would probably have to walk through an undetermined amount of rain when I got off the ferry at the other end, and would probably be very sick of walking in wet clothes by then.  The big decision was whether to get on the ferry, or turn around and have slightly-less-good breakfast.  I thought, "This is insane," and walked back to Dockside instead.  The rain had eased off and it wasn't a long walk: as the name suggests, Dockside is quite near the dock, which is attached to the river.

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