Monday, March 9, 2009

QANTAS, Adelaide to Melbourne

Qantas appear to have changed cookie suppliers. Kez's. They may be bigger, but they are shite.
I must be getting old: on Glenn A. Baker's Reeling in the Years show on channel 8 or 12 on Qantas in-flight radio this month he is reeling in the year I started high school. My "good ol' days" are now featured on the classic hits channel. Scary.
Chilling thought it was, the 1994 playlist did provide me with content for this month's edition of I Bet You Didn't Know That Was A Cover, brought to you by Badfinger:

File that one under Ashamed That I'm More Familiar With Mariah Carey's Version. Glenn A Baker is a man you can always count on to wear a hat and know thousands of facts about rock history. I also learned on this flight that Turn the Beat Around was also a cover. Mind you, I'd probably rather hear Gloria Estefan sing it, or anything for that matter. She's got so many deadly vocal moves. If singing were Mortal Kombat, everyone would play as Gloria Estefan. Check out that back-back-lowkick in the second chorus...

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