Sunday, March 8, 2009

Long Mac, Hudsons, Perth Airport

"Would you like that topped up?"
Aha! In my Fremantle macchiato research I stumbled upon this phenomenon: the topped-up macchiato. What was a double shot stained with milk becomes a double shot filled to the brim with milk, essentially a double shot latte. And so a topped up LONG macchiato is, er, the same thing with a bit more water? The answer, according to the menu, is yes.
The short mac comes in one size (small, as logic would dictate) whereas the long can be small, medium or large. Curiously, the small short mac is 10c cheaper than the small long mac, which in turn is 10c less than a latte. We have already observed that a topped up short mac IS a latte.
To be continued...

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