Sunday, March 15, 2009

Long Black, Hungry Jack's, Tweed Heads

Ok, I ordered a short black but I'm certain she pressed the long black button instead. Still, this is far more crema than I was expecting.
And the taste? Not bad. I've had FAR worse from people without nametags and matching uniform. Hungry Jack appears to have succeeded in making a consistent and foolproof system. If they press the right button.
I missed breakfast though. The curious thing about Tweed Heads, which is technically on the New South Wales side of the border, is that some businesses insist on living by Queensland time (no daylight saving). So the motel says it's 10.15am, but when I get to Hungry Jack's it's 11.15 and they've stopped serving breakfast.
(confusingly, the motel says they operate on Queensland time but the alarm clock is set to NSW - I had to Google "time in Brisbane" when I woke up just to be sure)

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