Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Latte, Keffa Han, City

Nestled in the caffeine-rich vein of the between-Elizabeth-and-Swanston section of Little Collins St is Keffa Han, easily the second-smallest place to get brilliant coffee in that area. Switchboard, I'm looking at you: Keffa Han may have less total floor space, but you guys have to duck to get to the dishwasher due to the incline of the roof.
But it's not a question of size: the radness of the coffee is not inversely proportional to the square metrage of the premises; if that were the case Brunetti's Carlton campus would be in serious trouble. Keffa Han sure know what they're doing. Beans from St Ali, some serious knowhow, and even somewhere to sit. I'm going to have to start rolling a dice to decide which mindblowingly good cafe to visit when in this section of the city. What I can't figure out is where they store the chairs and tables after hours. I also wonder how much smaller cafes are going to get. What's the rent like on two milk crates duct-taped together?If you want to find it, I think the easiest directions are, "in the lane that Laurent is on the corner of, a few doors along." Blink and you'll miss it.

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