Saturday, March 21, 2009

Latte, Julio, Fitzroy North

Caution: milk avalanches in the area!
Don't be fooled by the glass-smooth facade of the caffe latte before you: anything could be lurking underneath. I found this out the hard way. As I worked through my donut (they are phenomenal: Julio is worth visiting for the donuts alone) I was oblivious to the chain reaction of bubblepops that was going on below the surface of my latte. As each bubble popped, it triggered another, and the bubbles joined forces until finally, as I took a sip, the roof caved in. I've never seen this before. Kudos to the rest of the latte and its Guinness-like special effects, but let's just put this down as a highly-unlikely phenomenon. I think it's Haiku time.

A butterfly flaps
Its wings. And then miles away,
My latte caves in.

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