Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Latte, home

I learned many things about Herbie Flowers on the internet today. I knew he was the bass player on Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. I also knew he quite cleverly played double and electric bass on Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side. Here's what he said about it.

"I hardly remember doing it because I was out of my trolley. It just seemed a good idea at the time to try putting a tenth in above it, which is a corny interval. But somebody had to do it just once, and now no one can ever do it again."

One of the most iconic bass lines, and he was out of his trolley, playing a corny interval. Awesome. He seems to have a history of down-playing his achievements. Anyhow, until today I didn't know that he also played bass on Serge Gainsbourg's Melody Nelson album. Holy crap! I've always wanted to know who that was. There's a video on YouTube of Herbie playing it last year for, er, some Melody Nelson reunion thing. If anyone understands French, can they let me know what's going on in that video? It's still good to see Herbie play though.

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